Chocolatier Amelia Gonzalez/Casa de Chocolates

Owner of Casa de Chocolates started her love affair for cacao when she was a young child — beginning with her first hot mug of Mexican hot chocolate and pan dulce. Amelia has traveled extensively throughout Latin America, including Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Nicaragua and, of course, Mexico. She is passionate about the culture, the arts and the diverse foods of Latin America. Originally from Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, born to immigrants from Puebla, Mexico, Amelia studied Latin American Studies at Rio Hondo and Whittier College. She has lived in the Bay Area for many years, and has also lived in Lima, Peru and Oaxaca, Mexico where she worked with Corazon Del Pueblo, a folk art boutique, where she learned of the rich legacy of Oaxacan and Mexican folk art. It was in the land of the moles where Amelia was reminded of her love for chocolate and rich chocolate-based foods.

A chocolate shop in Berkeley, CA.

"Pioneer in creating artisanal and unique chocolates inspired by a passion for Latin American cultures and flavors.""