Familia Sanchez/Chacho's

In its beginning CHACHO´S was a Family owned business (the dream of Sebastian and Teresa Sánchez). The Sánchez family sons Jorge and Jaime Sánchez demonstrated distinct choices in menu and drinks specialties while playing around with its Chicano attitude of an ambience. Since 1994 CHACHO´S has been serving quality Mexican food in an urban Chicano setting. Its culturally cool environment captures a blend of both Mexican and Mexican American culture: a splendidly rich barrio under one roof.

CHACHO´S is a San Jose institution sereving Mexican foodies since 1994. Our culturally cool environment invites all people to live the revolutionary spirit. On any given day you will find good friends, great food and uniquely inspired drinks acompanied by live Mariachi and even Aztec Dancers.

Jorge Sánchez is now the sole owner of CHACHO´S. with 22 years of experience as a restaurateur, Jorge is known as a trend setter in the business. His entrepeneurial spirit has spiraled him to the head of the pack when it comes to Mexican food industry. His ideas are on point and profitable: his motivation is to be none other than the best in the business.