Natural Chef Jo Lerma Lopez/Luna Mexican Kitchen

Jo Lerma-Lopez has always had a passion for innovating in order to generate change. In the 1990´s Jo´s creativity manifested itself in downtown San Jose´s Upstairs Records, which at the time was the only independent record label in the country to have songs reach the Top 10 portion of the Bilboard chart multiple times.

After over 2 decades of success in the music industry, Jo began to plant the seeds in order to transition to another growing obsession – holistic healing and nutrition. She enrolled in a culinary program and studied to be a natural chef. While diving into the research of the nutritional properties of food, she came to the realization that food can either heal you hurt you.

LUNA Mexican Kitchen opened in the summer of 2017. An acronym for Local, Unrefined, Natural and Authentic, LUNA sources their ingredients locally, from companies with sustainable practices. Their menu revolves around the Mexican trinity tradition of corn, chili and beans.